Toy Safety

Toys On The Square has been serving it's customers with fine quality toys since 1986. We fill 8,000 square feet with toys and a paint-your-own pottery studio inside of the store. We are a family owned business that has been serving the community for over 25 years.  We have a unique selection of toys and we will help you to find the right toy for your child or the child at heart. 

We care deeply about toy safety and the safety of the children who purchase toys from our store. All toys sold in the United States must meet certain safety standards set forth by the US Government before they are available to the public, and manufacturers test their products rigorously to ensure that these safety standars are met. Unfortunately, as product recalls suggest, sometimes toys are not as safe as they were initially determined to be.

Toys On The Square supports National Safety Standards in order to ensure toy safety. Parents, grandparents, child care providers, teachers, and other toy buyers need to know that the toys they purchase are safe for children -- in order for children to have healthy and constructive toys and play that many years of high quality research have shown to be central to their healthy development. We want to make sure that a child will have a safe and fun experience playing with toys. To help keep children safe, we would like to offer guidance for selecting a toy as a gift for a child.

    Guide for choosing safe toys:

    Read the safety and warning labels.

    Read the age requirements provided on the packaging of that toy.

    Choose a toy that is age appropriate in order to avoid avoid possible safety hazards.

    Examine the toy for durability. Check to see what materials the toy is made of.

    Check the toy contents to see if there are any small parts.

    Consider that the child's siblings may be younger and therefore small parts may be a concern.

    Ask a toy expert for assistance.

Whether the toy is made in the United States or outside of the country, all toys must meet the U.S. Federal Safety Guidelines. If you have already purchased a toy and would like to find out if it has been recalled, you can check the list recalled toys at the US Consumer Product Safety Commission website at  There you can obtain the instructions provided on the recall notice of what to do with the toy that is recalled.