Painting To Go Kit

This kit is great for a rainy day! If you do not feel like leaving your house or you want to paint outside in the backyard or on the deck, then this is the kit for you! You will have everything you need, pottery, paint, brushes, paint tray, sponges - all packed in a plastic bucket. The Painting To Go Kit may be customized with the pottery pieces of your choosing and this will mean that your price will change. If you take the bucket as we have it packed with 10 salad plates, the prices for the bucket is $250. Best of all, this bucket includes your glazing and firing. So when you are finished painting your pottery, you return the bucket to us with your painted pottery pieces. We will glaze and fire your beautiful creations and call you when they are ready. How will you know who's pottery piece is who's? We will give you instructions for the painters to sign their names with a pencil and then go over the signatures with a permanent glaze pencil. If you have a large group, we have a painter's list sheet.

This form is a request for a Painting To Go kit, and it is not a party booking.  We will get in touch with you to discuss your pottery choice, date and time, deposit and any other details.

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